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Vertical vacuum cleaners: the secrets of choice

Have you decided to buy a vertical vacuum cleaner? Congratulations, you have made a worthy choice! It is the vertical vacuum cleaners that are considered to be excellent assistants while maintaining order in the house. They are stylish, compact, light and incredibly comfortable to handle. Just one handle with a bag and brush on the end and no extra tools. And some models are even deprived of wires. Beauty!

However, such vacuum cleaners have disadvantages, the main one of which is a relatively small suction power. That is why it is better to buy such a device as an additional assistant, entrusting general cleaning to its more powerful colleague, who will collect the dust from the carpet and wash the floors. But vertical vacuum cleaners will become indispensable in the kitchen, in the nursery or the hallway, when it is necessary to refresh the room or quickly collect excess garbage. But what kind of vacuum cleaner is better to buy? Now tell.


Let’s start our review with technical specifications. Before buying a vertical vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the following indicators:

  • Suction power. Most often measured in watts or aerovrots. Of course, the higher it is, the better the quality of cleaning. That’s just not all manufacturers indicate its value, especially if it is a wireless model, which by definition can not boast of a large suction power. If this indicator is unknown, just check the work of the device in the store.
  • Volume of the dust collector. In principle, if you have a large vacuum cleaner for weekly cleaning, this indicator for you does not really matter. Vertical models can be completed with large bags of 4 liters or more, or with modest containers of 0.3-0.5 liters, which is quite enough for quick cleaning.
  • The weight. Well, if the vertical vacuum cleaner is not too heavy and cumbersome: so it will be easier for you to manage it. In some models, the center of gravity is not located near the bottom of the brush, but at the top near the handle. This device is perfect for collecting webs or cleaning vertical surfaces, as it is easier to lift it up.
  • Time of work in an independent mode. This indicator is very important for wireless models. It is desirable that you can safely use the device for about half an hour, not being afraid that he will turn off now. Also pay attention to the recharging time.
  • Filters. HEPA filters have proved to be the best ones, although some manufacturers offer no less effective cleaning systems.
  • Noise level. It is believed that vertical models are noisier than conventional balloon vacuum cleaners. However, some manufacturers have already solved this problem, making the work of their devices almost silent. If this indicator in dB is not specified, you can turn on the device right in the store to make sure that the noise from it will not irritate you.


Do I need a wire?

Some vertical vacuum cleaners are available on batteries. Such models are charged from the network at a special station or using an adapter. On the one hand, it is very convenient: this device can be used even where there are no outlets. For example, vacuum the car in the car or clean it on the balcony. However, vertical vacuum cleaners lose in suction power without wires: this figure is much lower than for wired models.

Vacuum more often: but how much?

Most of us do not vacuum every day, but prefer to run the vacuum cleaner regularly once or twice a week. Regardless of how often you do this, you may wonder if it will not damage the carpet?

The danger is that the brush stretches and wears out the carpet fibers. In some ways, it’s true. In fact, dirt has more destructive effect on the carpet than most vacuum cleaners.

If your device has several modes, choose a softer and sparing attachment for additional cleaning.

Some worry when they see threads from the carpet in dust collectors. Does this mean that the vacuum cleaner destroys the fibers and slowly rips them out? Not really. In general, carpets can be vacuumed several times a week, without damaging them. But the mud on the carpet actually breaks down the fibers of the carpet, and also creates a breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria.

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Pleasant trifles

Additional accessories and features will make cleaning easier. True, to buy a vertical vacuum cleaner with a lot of nozzles and attachments will come out a little more expensive, but in some cases such costs justify themselves.

The following functions and accessories will be useful:

  • Power switch. It is desirable that the wireless model had several modes of operation: strong for quick cleaning and weaker for long work. This will help to consume more battery power.
  • Brushes and nozzles. If you buy a vertical vacuum cleaner with different nozzles, cleaning will become much easier. The turbo brush will collect wool and garbage from the carpet, crevice and corner will help to cope with the dust in the corners, the combined will perfectly clean the floor or carpet. There are even motorized brushes with illumination, to clean with which not only easy, but also amusing.
  • Self-cleaning function on turbo-brush. Many housewives know how difficult it is to clean a turbo brush: sometimes it even has to be disassembled to get to the garbage. However, recently you can buy a turbo brush with a self-cleaning system: a special button activates sharp blades that cut hair and hair on the brush, and their remains are immediately absorbed into the pipe.
  • Protection from overheating will help prevent the device from overworking and burning out from intensive work. This function is available for almost all models.
  • The length of the cord. If you buy a vacuum cleaner with a 5-meter wire, then the problem of the absence of outlets in some rooms will be solved by itself: you do not even need to use an extension cord.
  • The ability to place the vacuum cleaner vertically without support and special rubberized handles will greatly simplify the work with the device.